Jan 4, 2016



250g (1 packet) sponge finger biscuits
2 cups thick vanilla custard
300ml thickened cream
185ml liqueur such as sweet sherry
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/4 cup sugar
1 punnet strawberries, halved lengthways
125g each of raspberries and blueberries


1. Beat cream, vanilla essence and sugar together until soft peaks form.
2. Cut sponge biscuits in half and place cut side down in the base of a 20cm Arcosteel trifle bowl.
3. Drizzle over half the liqueur. Sprinkle a layer of berries and spread three quarters of the custard over the biscuits.
4. Line the sides of the bowl with the halved strawberries (alternating one up, one down), pushing them into the custard slightly.
5. Add the remaining biscuits and liqueur to the bowl, and top with the custard.
6. Cover the custard with the whipped cream and top with remaining strawberries and other berries.
7. Place covered in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight to chill.
NOTE: orange juice can be used instead of the liqueur for an alcohol-free version.

Serves 6

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